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How Hoodies Are Made?

Hoodies are a symbol of several hip-hop cultures, which came in limelight in the seventies and early eighties. Hoodies nowadays are one of the most identifiable fashion symbols among both men and women. Whether it is custom Cummins hoodies, or a Ricky & Morty hoodies, the rise of custom printing technology has made this fashion symbol accessible to all at reasonable prices.

Custom designed hoodies are pretty much available on the market. In its simplest form, hoodies are basically jackets or sweatshirts that come with hoods and drawstring to open it up.

How hoodies are made?

When it comes to making hoodies, it can make one feel overwhelmed as the process is a little bit complex. A lot of steps are involved in the procedure of stitching a hoodie. The sewer is supposed to have the right amount of skill and expertise to get the sewing done right. You thank the advanced technology, and automation, hoodies can be sewn automatically using a set pattern that the designer intends to make.

They are basically made out of polyester, or cotton material. A polyester based hoodie is generally preferred in designing since this material comes with cheap price tags as compared to cotton price. Also, the making process of a hoodie using polyester is less costly than the process of making a cotton hoodie.

The material, polyester is typically made from an intricate chemical reaction. It is basically a petroleum-based plastic substance, which is squeezed into thin and long threads. The process of squeezing is performed using a machine that is designed to apply a significant amount of pressure to the material, which is afterward used for making fabric. The material is meant to be strong and is super easy to transform into hoodies using an automated sewing machine.    

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Quality-wise, hoodies are strong and super comfortable and flexible to wear. There is no doubt why hoodies are everyone’s favourite wardrobe staple nowadays. They do provide comfort and style at the same time, making them a perfect choice for hoodie lovers. At We Custom Online PDX, we love to bring you to the variety of designs of hoodies and sweatshirts at affordable prices. As far as the quality of the hoodies is concerned, the material of our hoodies is of the best quality to suit your needs.