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An Ultimate Guide To Wear Lightweight And Heavyweight Hoodie

Hoodies are experiencing a stellar comeback, meaning the outfits that you wear are on the verge of getting warmer and the layering game better. Be it is a laid-back style that you follow or an edgy or a bit more defined style that tickles your fancy, Fortnite custom hoodies go well with every occasion. No matter it is a lazy day for you or it is not, pairing up a hoodie is nothing but a no-brainer for all.

At We Custom Online, we feel it important that you know how to pair your hoodie and stay in style.


Lightweight hoodie

A hooded zip-up hoodie or shirt that is made up of a thin woven fabrication, contains cotton, polyester, making it lighter in weight.

Go solo with your hooded sweatshirt 

Pair your lightweight hoodie with a dark pair of jeans along with sleek sneakers. If you want this look to be sharper in appearance, make sure you pair your light-colored hoodie with black jean and charcoal boots.

Hoodie underneath a heavier shirt

Easy clothing layering is a must. You just want to pair your zip-up black hoodie with a rugged denim shirt. To complement this look, make sure to pull the hoodie out over the collar of the shirt you have worn underneath.


Heavyweight hoodie

It is a pull-over or zip-up hoodie meant for wearing as outerwear. They are made out of thicker fabrication and are contained of polyester or cotton.

Throw your heavyweight hoodie over your t-shirt

This hoodie will make a nice layering on your long-sleeved hoodie. If you want to be comfortable and warm in that winter day, opt for fleece hoodies for the best results. You can also go for a zip-up hoodie, in case if you want to show off that tee you have worn underneath. For adding dimension to the hoodie you have worn, make sure you layer your navy hoodie with a mustard-colored striped tee.

Rock your favourite hoodie on a button-up

For making your look bolder and fresher, zip-up hoodies are best worn with oxford shirts, chinos, and Chukka boots.

Here is a tip worth noting: If you are on a beach, and want to wear a lightweight hoodie, you will look the best if you pair it with sandals and shorts. It will create a hybrid look on you.

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