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What Things to Consider While Buying the Right Sized Hoodie?

Seeking quality hoodies online? Hoodies are something that shrinks often. When it comes to hoodies, purchasing the right design and style is one thing and getting the suitable size is the whole other story. It needs you to put effort into knowing how to buy the right sized Adidas addicted hoodie.

Here we will discuss why the size of a hoodie is the first thing to consider. After all, you cannot un-shrink a hoodie.

Even if it is a pre-shrunk cotton hoodie that you have bought, it will still shrink by 15% to 35% after you wash and dry. Since cotton is more likely to shrink throughout the wash cycle, the hoodie will continue to fit less and tighter.

Hoodie tips

If you want to reduce shrinkage in your hoodie, make sure you wash the hoodie in cold water. On the basis of the manufacturer and the brand, hoodies are assembled and created differently; and one brand is diffident from the other brand. This is why the sizing of a hoodie might fit you a little differently.

Since hoodies are prone to shrink, especially the cotton ones, it is recommended to purchase one size larger than the actual size of your regular clothing. If you buy a hoodie a size larger, you can still make use of it, as it is going to shrink.

Shrinkage in hoodie

No one likes it when their clothes get shrink. No matter how popular and well-known a brand is, their cotton hoodies will shrink even a bit from the actual size.

Being a hoodie supplier, We Custom Online has experience in various features of hoodies. This is why we can help you know the importance of choosing the right size hoodies when it comes to purchasing one.

Since wool and cotton tend to absorb more water that means more shrinkage in the cotton fibre. If it is a woollen hoodie, make sure you know that the tighter the weave, the less shrinkage; the wider the weave, the more shrinkage.

Never rub and cause friction to the fibre of your hoodie as the heat and the tumble drying will make the hoodie contract with each other soon.  

To wrap up

Whether you are after an addicted Adidas hoodie online, or a Rick and Morty Supreme Hoodie Sweatshirt, make sure while you buy a hoodie, it is one size up from the regular size that you normally wear.